PREVIEW: The Boring Traveler

Fact: I only get ideas after 1 am.

I have been neglecting the blogosphere because blog posts keep me up at night (currently). Maybe it’s because I get too personal? I put too much of myself into it? Who knows. What I do know is that blog posts give me a hell of a lot of anxiety. Despite that, here’s one. I actually have an idea. 

I’ve been in Italy for quite a while now–almost four months. I leave in ten days, though, and I am considering whether or not to regret shying away from sitting and spitting up some posts. I mean, I’m in Italy. Europe. I’ve traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, freakin’ Morocco, and I haven’t even blogged about it. I’ve done some cool stuff, and I am not really expecting to stop. Still, I haven’t done that many cool things, especially compared to a lot of people I’ve met here, mostly because I’m a tried and true homebody–I just really like not doing anything.

So that’s where this idea comes in. While brushing my teeth tonight, I realized something: I’m a boring traveler. I’m not afraid to admit that I can be pretty dull at times–I’m a leisurely soul, and I don’t like moving at the same pace as the crowd. I like staying home and taking a walk when I feel like it. I dislike the social pressures of tourism, and would rather not take photos of myself in every place I go. Something inside me keeps me from doing a lot of things I know everyone else is, and I think it comes across as indifferent. But I’m not indifferent, I value my time here, I just don’t value what a lot of traditional tourists do.

For example: I’m not so big on sightseeing–the Eiffel Tower was cool and all–but I am big on finding a hidden Parisian cafe with my friend that featured raunchy comics pasted on the walls (those were something to see).


now I wish I took photos of the comics. also, say hi to Cameron.

I like unique experiences that were happened-upon instead of outlined in a guidebook. I know a lot of people do, I’m not trying to be unique here. I dig watching Europeans act just as awkward as I feel and having solo day-trip plans fall through because I’d rather sit in the sun with a book. There shouldn’t be any pressures when traveling: you see what you see, you eat what you eat, and you do what you do. Either way, it changes you for the better.

Don’t get me wrong, the travel selfies and guidebooks aren’t bad, I like them–when I want to know what’s up with other people. I just don’t naturally feel compelled to do the same things.

So The Boring Traveler will be a new project that I probably need to sleep on. I already got the Twitter handle (@BoringTravlr) and will be figuring out how I want to carry it out. It will obviously be a post-grad gig, so more local traveling will be done until someone sponsors me. I’m excited, because who knows where this will lead? I’ve started a lot of projects in my life, but maybe, finally, I can finish this one.


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